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The Positive Psychology Lab (P.P.L.) of the Psychology Department of The School of Social Sciences at Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences was founded in October 2018.

It fulfills the teaching and research needs of the Psychology Department regarding the subject of Positive Psychology and its multiple applications in Clinical Psychology, Counseling, Education, Public Policy and Organizations.

The Positive Psychology Lab focuses, among others, on the validation and adaptation of numerous measurement tools, the development of  expertise in domains like those of mental and physical health, education, and design and implementation of several interventions.

The Positive Psychology Lab’s aims can be summarized as following :

Α. Design and implementation of specific programs, interventions, products and services.

B. Organizing scientific lectures, seminars, workshops, symposiums, conferences and other scientific events and trainings for educators, practicums and training for academic or specialized professionals.

C. Publications, for example articles, books, manuals both printed and digital.

D. Design and development of computer software and digital applications.

E. Collaborations with individuals and educational, research and scientific Institutions both in Greece and abroad and other public and private entities and non-profit  organizations in subjects of common interest for the Lab’s purposes.

F. Fulfillment of teaching and research needs, regarding subjects of Positive Psychology, of the Psychology Department at Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD level. The design of workshops, courses’ circles and practical training is included.

G. Welcome and collaboration with postdoctoral researchers and other scientists from Greece and abroad as well as professionals and experts, regarding subjects that are related to the Lab’s interests and activities.

H. Providing services to private citizens and any other legal organization.

Positive Psychology Lab  Members

The Positive Psychology Lab members are the members of the Teaching and Research Staff of the Psychology Department, who hold positions whose academic subject is similar to the Lab’s academic and research interests. They are also members of the Laboratory Teaching Staff, the Specialized Technical Laboratory Staff, the Specialized Scientific Staff, the Doctoral and Postdoctoral researchers at Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences. There is also the possibility for other members of the teaching staff, researchers, experts and other types of scientific personnel the law provides, both from Greece and abroad, to be members of PPL.


Positive Psychology: The science of well-being

       Positive Psychology is a new domain of Psychology that studies the nature and promotion of well-being and flourishing of humans and focuses on their strengths and capabilities. It studies the positive dimensions of human existence, such as well-being, meaning in life, life satisfaction, psychological resilience, positive emotions, optimism, savoring, the development of talents, character strengths, psychological flow and other positive variables.

        For decades, the science of Psychology had been focusing on the study, diagnosis and treatment of mental illness and it was a popular belief that Psychology was all about illness, the labelling of human weaknesses and the study and treatment of psychopathology. Positive Psychology is a new domain of Psychology that aims to answer the question “What goes right with me?”. Positive Psychology underlines that the absence of psychopathology or misery does not mean the presence of well-being or happiness. The treatment of psychopathology leads the individual to a zero point. Specific and appropriate interventions are needed in order for them to overcome that zero point and reach a good, happy, and meaningful life. Positive Psychology does not, however, close the eyes to psychopathology and negative aspects of human existence. Instead, it studies the ways, in which its positive and negative aspects can result beneficial to humans.

       Positive Psychology is an applied field of Psychology. Positive Psychology Interventions are implemented in several domains such as Clinical Psychology, Counseling, Education, Public Policy, and Organizations.

Positive Psychology in Greece

       In Greece, Positive Psychology has started flourishing during the last decades with the Psychology Department of Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences leading. In 1998, at the Psychology Department a research team of positive emotions was created, which was consisted of PhD, Master’s and Bachelor’s students, sharing the desire to join in scientific research programs and the same interest in Positive Psychology.

      Later, in 2010, members of this team created the Hellenic Association of Positive Psychology  that aims to contribute to the academic knowledge, research, awareness, education in the field of Positive Psychology in Greece and the global scientific community.

        In 2018, the Postgraduate Program Psychology with three specializations was founded at the School of Social Sciences’ Department of Psychology of Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences. The Postgraduate Program culminates in being awarded the Master’s Diploma and one of its three specialization is “Positive Psychology

          In 2018, was also founded the “Positive Psychology Labat the Department of Psychology that aims to fulfill the academic and research needs of the Department, in the domain of Positive Psychology and also its applications that promote well-being, and flourishing of individuals, teams and organizations.

       Moreover, the Centre of Continuing Education  of Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences offers the educational program “One-year Educational Program on Positive Psychology” for professionals and students in health and mental health fields, teachers, educators and human resources professionals. The aim of this program is to provide education and expertise in Positive Psychology themes.

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