Our teachers are by our side with sincere interest and authenticity, while, as a team, we share knowledge, thoughts and feelings, in a beautiful journey of knowledge, connections and unique encounters (Sini Maria, postgraduate student)


We had from the first day an excellent atmosphere of mutual respect and trust, both with our teachers and with our co-students (Christina Boufali-Babella, MSc, ECP, Psychologist - Existential, graduation year 2020)


I feel the need to express my countless positive emotions and my gratitude for being a member and part of this graduate program! The people who make it up, who are excellent professionals and the curriculum have turned a simple postgraduate program into a life experience through which you come out not only with more knowledge but also a better person! (Anastasia Paradeisi, Psychologist, MSc, graduation year 2020)

Pride and many many smiles! Grateful for all, co-students, the universe and the human resources of the program. THANKS! (Tzorbatzakis Giannis, Psychologist M.Sc., graduation year 2017)

The experience was not only academic but also experiential, therefore very rich (Rea Evangelatou, graduation year 2017).

For me, the following happened if I have to choose only one memory: a gradual one and almost without realizing how time passes, change in the way you see the world. You begin to think more optimistically, more positively, and see light where you thought there was only darkness (Karali Panagiota Alkistis, Psychologist, graduation year 2020)

The experience of studying at the MSc in Positive Psychology was diverse, not only because I came in direct contact with this rapidly growing field of Psychology, but also because I met excellent academics, people with a real love for the subject, who have adopted a rare educational background based on in-depth knowledge, human connection and experiential learning (Maria Christopoulou, Psychologist, Adult Educator, graduation year 2018).

I am very happy and I feel very grateful for all the teachers, who accompanied us in each lesson, making it very experiential, being happy and always available for help (Kladouri Maria, Psychologist, MSc, graduation year 2020).


In master I met people with love for their subject, always outgoing and approachable (Odysseas Diamantis, Psychologist, MSc, graduation year 2020).


I enjoyed the knowledge I gained, the learning process and I experienced how it is to participate actively, as a member of a scientific community that develops, researches, experiments, learns about human and with the human and knows how to have a good time and enjoy it! (Kouvaki Vassiliki, Psychologist, MSc, graduation year 2020).


Definitely different from the rest! (Androutsakos Ioannis, Psychologist, MSc, graduation year 2017). 

The experience of the summer trip to Xylokastro with the whole team was wonderful (Eleni Gastouniotou, Psychologist & Teacher, graduation year 2020)

I have very beautiful experiences that I remember ... and I forget !! (Santi Bouka, MSc Psychologist, Family Systemic Therapist, graduation year 2017)

People’s faces, who were open to relationships, to knowledge and to every eventuality emerged! On the one hand, us as the first postgraduate students, with different backgrounds and ages, but with the same thirst for the subject, to suck what we can from the rich palette of experienced lecturers, and on the other hand our instructors, all with deep love for their work and human, to welcome us and introduce us to this magical world…! (Sofia Papaspyropoulou, MSc, graduation year 2017)