Postgraduate Program “Psychology”

Specialization in Positive Psychology


Duration: Three (3) semesters

Entry Requirements: Graduates of all Departments of the country and abroad (recognized by DOATAP decision) are accepted.

Number of Students admitted: Ten (10) students per academic entry year.

Tuition fees: Free

Language of instruction: Greek

Courses: Courses are held in the afternoon. The weekly teaching hours are three (3) per lesson or seminar.

Attendance: Attendance of courses, seminars and training is mandatory. In case a student is unjustifiably absent more than three (3) times from some of his/her educational obligations during the same semester, the professor serves the right to the SE (ΣΕ) with the question of deletion.


Study Program

Courses and seminars, teaching and research activities, practical/ laboratory exercises and applications and any other type of educational and research activities, as well as credits, in accordance with the current European System of transfer and accumulation of credits for the award of the Master’s (MSc) Diploma, which amount to 90 ECTS are defined as follows;



First Semester (30 ECTS)


1.    Research Methodology


2.    Statistics


3.    Positive Psychology; Theory and Research


4.    Positive Psychology; Applications



Second Semester (30 ECTS)


1. Workshop I : Contemporary issues and Αpplications Design


2. Workshop II: Experiential Laboratory for the Application of Positive Psychology


3. Training in Field and Community Applications (500 hours)


Third Semester (30 ECTS)


1.  Training in Field and Community Applications (500 hours)


2. Diploma Thesis


The Master of Science (MSc) Diploma is awarded after;

 (a) the attendance and successful examination of the courses as described above (70 ECTS)

(b) the successful elaboration and examination of the Diploma thesis (20 ECTS).