Postgraduate Psychology Studies

The Department of Psychology offers Master’s Degree in Psychology, with four directions:

  • Social Psychology of Conflicts,
  • Positive Psychology: Applications in consulting,
  • Identity and Interpersonal Relationships, and
  • Applied Cognitive and Developmental Psychology.

The design of this program is two-fold: to train students for further research and to provide valuable experience for professional careers in psychology. The course is delivered through a variety of teaching methods (i.e., lectures and invited speakers).

Also, it requires writting thesis, under the supervision of a faculty member, after conducting a full-scale research.


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Επικοινωνία - Contact

Λεωφόρος Συγγρού 136 - 17671 Αθήνα

136, Syngrou Av., Athens 17671, Greece 

Ώρες υποδοχής Γραμματείας- Admission hours:

Τρίτη 10:00 - 13:00   -   Thursday 10:00-13:00