The Department of Psychology of Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, has the following sections according to the Governmental Gazette issue 1510/τ.Β'/03-11-2005 that define their subject.

More information can be found in the Curriculum Vitae of the faculty members.

Related to the subject of each section are research centers and laboratories


Section of Educational and Cognitive Psychology

The section of educational and cognitive psychology coordinates the following subjects:

Educational psychology, Cognitive psychology, Developmental psychology, Experimental psychology, Psycholinguistics, Cognitive Neuroscience, Statistics, Research Methods and Techniques.

Faculty members:


Section of Clinical Psychology

The section of Clinical Psychology coordinates the subjects: Clinical Psychology, Health Psychology, Epistemology, Clinical and Social Psychiatry, Clinical Neuropsychology, Gerontology, Research Methods and Techniques. 

Section Director: Professor Fotios Anagnostopoulos

Faculty members


Related to the subject of this section are:

  • Centre of Cultural Development and Social Exclusion Director Professor Fotini Tsalikoglou
  • Laboratory of Clinical and Forensic Psychology Director Professor Fotini Tsalikoglou 
  • Laboratory of Experimental and Applied Behavior Analysis Director Professor Robert Mellon


Section of Social Psychology

The section of Social Psychology coordinates the subjects: Social Psychology, Organizational and Economic Psychology, Cross-Cultural Psychology, Environmental Psychology, Political Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Research Methods and Techniques.

Section Director: Professor Alexandra Hantzi

Faculty members:

Related to the subject of this section are:

Centre of Social Psychology and Research of Public Opinion Director Prof. Stamos Papastamou

Laboratory of Social and Experimental Psychology. Director Prof. Stamos Papastamou


Section of Social Theory and Research

The section of Social Theory and Research coordinates the subjects of Sociology, Criminology, History of Law, Media and New technologies, Social Sciences and Technology, historical anthropology, Applied and Clinical Sociology, Philosophical Anthropology, Research Methods and Techniques.

Faculty members

Related to the subject of this section are:

Centre of Psycho-social Research of Governance of Virtual Communities Director: Prof. Konstantinos Koskinas

Laboratory of Virtual Reality and Internet Research and Education Director: Prof. Konstantinos Koskinas