Founded in 1989, the Department accepted its first doctoral candidates in 1991 and matriculated its first undergraduate students, on the basis of national competitive examinations, in 1992.  Since then the Department of Psychology has enjoyed a steady course of development, acquiring administrative autonomy in 1995 and culminating in its current teaching and research faculty of twenty members.

In the Hellenic Republic, candidates for admission to undergraduate programs of study rank-order their preferences for academic departments; to date, our department has been the first choice of approximately 95% of admitted candidates.

Moreover, throughout the course of its near quarter-century of provision of undergraduate studies, candidates obtaining admission to our program of study have ranked among the highest scorers among examinees seeking admission to all tertiary education programs throughout the Hellenic Republic.

The systematic preference of the most qualified candidates for study in our Department of Psychology generates a heightened sense of responsibility among our faculty members.

This virtue is shared by our students, as evinced by their generally high levels of systematic and active participation and their excellent performance in lecture, seminar and laboratory courses, as well as in their supervised research and practicum experiences.