The science of psychology has a wide range of professional application in both the public and private domains. Graduates of the Department of Psychology of Panteion University have the right to obtain a License of Professional Practice from the Hellenic Republic, which are administered by regional authorities in applicants’ residential districts. This license grants our graduates the right to legally practice General Psychology in the fields such as Education, Public welfare, Health, Justice, and Communication, as well as to contribute their scientific knowledge and skills to the Political and Economic life of our country. That being said, it is important to clarify that the acquisition of specialization in subfields of psychology (e.g., Clinical, Consulting, Developmental, or Social Psychology) absolutely requires postgraduate education beyond the basic degree.

The Department of Psychology of Panteion University not only requires supervised practicum experience in its undergraduate general psychology program, but also provides tuition-free specialized program of postgraduate study. 

Aims of the Department of Psychology 

Comprehensive conceptual training in the basic fields of Psychological Science (Experimental, Cognitive, Behavioral, Social, Developmental, Clinical Psychology and Neurosciences) 

Cultivation of knowledge and practical skill in the methods of scientific research for the observation, understanding and interpretation of human behavior 

Contributing to the development and advancement of Psychological Science as an autonomous member of the Human and Social Science