Erasmus+ Incoming Students

Welcome to the Department of Psychology at Panteion University!

We are happy to host you here and we hope that you will have an engaging learning experience and a cultural exchange opportunity.

We expect incoming students that do not speak Greek to follow a 10-week English speaking course during which they will meet the teachers of the proposed courses. This course is validated through active participation and therefore the presence to it is mandatory.

Please enroll to the e-class:

  • KEY ISSUES IN PSYCHOLOGY I (6307) for winter semester and 
  • KEY ISSUES IN PSYCHOLOGY II (6308) for spring semester

Incoming students have the opportunity to choose each semester among different courses (4 ECTS each) (please see attached list). They will have tutorials with the teachers in an one to one basis or in small groups and will validate the equivalent course according to the requirements set by the teacher.

Students from Cyprus or students speaking Greek should follow the Greek program.

Please keep contact with the Erasmus+ office of Panteion University (campus plan) and make yourself known to Professors Xenia Chryssochoou and Panos Kordoutis (Departmental Coordinators) upon arrival.

Erasmus+ Incoming Students: Department of International Relations & European Union

Once again Welcome to our Department and our University!

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Λεωφόρος Συγγρού 136 - 17671 Αθήνα

136, Syngrou Av., Athens 17671, Greece 

Ώρες υποδοχής Γραμματείας- Admission hours:

Τρίτη 10:00 - 13:00   -   Thursday 10:00-13:00